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The Advantages of Dried Fruits In Your Health

The dried fruits have different advantages, firstly their dehydration allows a better conservation, there is no dry fruit “of season”. Secondly, dried fruits can contain up to 5 times more minerals, trace elements than fresh fruits. Third, their fiber concentration is also higher. Finally, they are very practical and can get carried away everywhere!

Always looking for quality products, I was looking for high quality dried fruit and I found it with Cameroonian farmers who value respectful and sustainable work; their dried fruits are without additives and without added sugars!

I chose dried pineapple for several reasons, the first is always the taste, delicious! Then the pineapple is stuffed with antioxidants and an enzyme – bromelain – with multiple actions. This one is a great anti-inflammatory, an anti-tumor, it helps digestion and would even have an appetite suppressant effect.

Then the dried mango, a sumptuous taste and a bomb of vitamins (C, A, E, B1, B2, B6), rich in copper is the ideal dry fruit of the sportsman, it allows a better assimilation of the iron and is very rich in polyphenols. These fluidify the blood, reduce the oxidative stress related to the effort and facilitate recovery post exercise. In addition polyphenols protect the brain and cardiovascular system.

Finally the dried banana I could not do without, except that I always found too sweet, while there, no! Perfect, its aroma comes in the mouth little by little, a treat. Regarding the nutritional value of bananas, a sentence can summarize all its potential: “50% of human DNA sequences are identical to those of bananas”. I recommend as snacks, especially before a physical activity, these three dried fruits accompanied by dark chocolate; privileged 60% because less fat than 85%, so more digestible!

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