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Pretreating light-colored fruits before drying is important for the quality and safety of the final product. Soaking the sliced fruit in an acidic solution preserves the color and texture of the dried fruits, and it increases the destruction of potentially harmful bacteria during drying.

Buy Fresh Fruit and Nuts. The first step in storing your nuts and dry fruits for longer periods of time is to buy them fresh in the first place. …
Use Air-Tight Containers for Storage. …
Store in a Dry and Cool Place. …
Store in Insulated Food Jars.
Toast Nuts.

There are essential nutrients in dry fruits like Vitamin A, B and K; minerals like copper, magnesium and iron; and unsaturated fat that helps in regenerating red blood cells and haemoglobin in the body.

Cassava flour is low in calories, fat, and sugar. Compared with other gluten-free flours, such as coconut or almond, cassava flour has a low fat content. It has a high water content and a lower calorie density than flours like corn, plantain, rice, coconut, sorghum, and wheat.

Sweet potato flour contains high amounts of starch and can be successfully used to thicken gravies and sauces. Sweet potato flour is a successful for batters and coatings and is especially useful in pancakes and quick breads and muffins such as banana bread. Fruits usually need added ingredients (sugar, citric acid or lemon juice) to prevent browning and retain their quality.

It can be used as a healthy alternative to flour and sugar to help promote healthy weight management and prevent obesity. Pumpkin powder is packed with nutrients that support healthy skin, including carotenoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and omega-3-fatty acids.

The flour promotes digestion and enhances gut bacteria. It is easy to consume and for those who are short on time, it can be mixed in smoothies and beverages to make a healthy, on-the-go drink.